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“The Other Side”

For a long time Tita and her team have been praying that there would be an open door to expand their work with the children in a neighboring “barrio” in La Limonada (referred to in La Limonada as “The Other Side”). But, for so long it was controlled by a gang and the danger was too great. The gang members hang out at particular place along the road (or alley) that connects the two neighborhoods and would not allow people to cross.

However, last summer, Tita and a group from South Carolina prayed for several of the gang members from “The Other Side” – only one of which is still alive. Even he suffered a severe gunshot wound to his leg. From the time they spent with him… praying for him and loving him… he made a commitment to follow Jesus and to change the direction of his life.

In early June, on my last trip to Guatemala, Tita, Monica and I went to this former gang member’s house on “The Other Side” and had a church service (including communion) in his grandmother’s house with his family… and prayed together with them.

After escalation in fighting between gangs, Tita and her team felt compelled to begin working wih the people on “The Other Side”, and in July they pushed open the doors and (along with the help of a group from Arkansas) began a morning program on there… starting with a small group of children for two days a week. In less than two months there are more than 50 children coming (to a community center that is being used temporarily) four days a week. They are being served breakfast and being taught lessons just like at “La Escuelita”.

Because the program has grown so quickly resources are lacking. Children are sitting on the floor to eat and for the lesson time. The facilities that are being used are not adequate for the growing number of children.

Pray that the resources will be provided to purchase the desks and chairs. It will cost just over $2,000 for 15 desks (seating four students each). Pray for a permanent building to begin a full program for the children of “The Other Side”. Tita has her eye on a building that could be purchased for $8,000 plus the renovations that would be needed.

Would you consider giving a $25 donation today for these children to have desks and chairs… to help feed and educate these children… to give them hope for a better life for themselves?

To donate to this project you can go to our donation page and chose the Vidas Plenas fund and type “The Other Side” in the comments box.

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