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In the coming weeks, months and years this blog will be a place where you can stay connected to the community of people we have come to know and love in La Limonada in Guatemala City. We will do our best to update it on a regular basis with stories of the lives of people there as well as our travels here as we serve as a voice of La Limonada here in the States. We’ll post an online newsletter of sorts, photos and the stories of struggle and triumph among the people of La Limonada and beyond.

We’ll do our best to keep you connected to the lives of the children at “La Escuelita” (red building in the photo above) and to Tita and her team of amazing people who are transforming the lives of the people there through their sacrifice and love.

We hope to read your comments and questions in response to our postings and to expand the network of people who sense a connection to the beautiful people of La Limonada.

Thanks for taking this journey with us!

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