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The First Lemonade House Party

My sister and brother-in-law and their family hosted the first ever Lemonade House Party last night. Their friends Tony and Lisa were there… as well as a big part of the Mellett clan (which turned it into a big reunion of sorts). Ray Mellett was my pastor when I was a teenager when I attended Grace Assembly of God. This people of that church family had a huge influence on my life so it was incredible to see them… for the first time in 18 years!!

After showing the film there was talk of short-term teams going to La Limonada and establishing a partnership with the church. Pastor Ray and Debbie’s kids lead the youth group and got real excited about having the teenagers from the church sponsor a child together. Jonathan Mellett leads a band who just recorded their first CD… and wants to take his band to La Limonada.

We even got invited to the Spanish Church (sister church to Grace) to share the film on Wednesday night… to a predominantly Guatemalan congregation!

Awesome stuff!

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