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The Excitement Of A New School Year

It’s probably a little strange for most of us to be thinking about January being the start of a new school year, but there is a certain excitement and anticipation that comes along with returning from break to another season of learning. It’s no different for the children and teachers at the schools in La Limonada.

A few weeks into the new year and school is in full swing at both Escuelita Limon and Escuelita Mandarina… with new teaching materials, art projects, math lessons, sewing classes and so much more! And all of this is made possible by individuals and families here in the States who support our work through child sponsorship, teacher sponsorship and TEN2END.

It’s our goal to help you feel as connected as possible to what is going on week to week at the schools and in La Limonada – even though so often it seems like it is a world apart. Because of our closeness to this community it is easy for us to know what an impact you are making. We want to make sure that you can see that as well.

Here are a few photos from Leah Craver documenting the last couple of weeks as the children settle into the new school year and a new season of learning that can help break the cycle of poverty in La Limonada.

We’ll be posting photos of the children receiving their shoes, backpacks and school supplies soon!

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