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The ends of the earth

“You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1: 8b

Where exactly are the ends of the earth? Jesus spoke this to His disciples just before He ascended into heaven, telling them that they would be His witnesses in the ends of the earth. Are the ends of the earth remote indigenous places? Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? That section of town where no one chooses to go? Or a house at the end of a dark alley in La Limonada?

There’s a house near the new school that is as far down into the ravine as you can go. To get there, we walk down several stairs, through a gate and then ring the bell at a door. Once that door is opened, we navigate through narrow passages through the homes of several families until finally we reach the smiling, expectant faces of “M” and “B” and their one room home.

“M” faithfully takes care of “B” who’s blind. She carefully leads him through the streets of La Limonada and Guatemala City as they go to do their errands. They live off of 115Q (less than $20) a month which the government gives them. And yet, they are 2 of the most gracious, content people that I know. They are always thrilled to see us and exude such joy and such love for one another.

We went to visit them last week for a brief time. When I asked them if they wanted us to pray, and what we could pray for, “M” told me that we could pray whatever we wanted because they didn’t know much about these types of things. I asked her what she meant and she replied that she can’t read and her husband can no longer read due to his blindness. And so she felt like they didn’t know much. We unfortunately had to leave before we could finish the conversation, but I’m looking forward to visiting them again and continuing it. And spending more time in a home that, to us, is the ends of the earth.

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