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The 1,000 Member Facebook Cause Challenge

As of today we have 814 Lemonade International Facebook Cause members. The challenge is to get to 1,000 by New Year’s Day 2009.

So, we have 186 more members to add in just 4 days!!

Our top recruiters have been huge in helping us get the word out about our work among the incredible people of La Limonada in Guatemala City. Maybe you can bust into the Top 5… which include:

Jeremiah Griswold
Sommer Wisher
Rachel Mellett
Carolyn Talley Ball

We have taken note of the recruiting stats as of today…. and will award a professional photo, from our very own Leah Craver, to the member who recruits the most people in the next four days!!

You can invite up to 60 of your friends each day… for some of you more popular people that would be 240 of your friends that you can recruit in the next four days!!

The challenge is on… click on the Facebook Logo below to go to the Lemonade International Facebook Cause.

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