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The 1,000 Member Facebook Cause Challenge – “Upping The Ante”

OK…. First of all thanks so much for all your recruiting efforts. We are now only 128 members short of our goal of 1,000 members by New Year’s Day 2009!

And a new recruiter has busted her way into the Top 5: Kate Dundon (Don’t worry Carolyn… you are still tied for 5th!).

Since we need a big push in the next couple days… we are “upping the ante”! The individual with the most recruits from 2:49pm until the ball drops at Times Square in NYC (EST) will receive, not only a professional matted photo from our very own Leah Craver, but a copy of our DVD film, “Such A Medicine Is Love”, and a handmade bookmark from one of the children in La Limonada!

Remember, you can invite up to 60 friends a day to join the Lemonade International Facebook Cause!

With just over 28 hours to go, the 1,000 Member Challenge continues…

Click on the facebook logo below to go to the LI Facebook Cause:

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