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That We May Become Like Children

Meet Moshi. The youngest son of Tita, he is 10 years old and is also a recipient of a private school scholarship through Lemonade International. He has the most endearing smile, which dimples his cheeks out into invitingly sweet pouches, just begging to be squeezed. Though he doesn’t live in the ghetto, he has spent an very large amount of time there, playing with the other children and seeing the effects of poverty.

The nightly ritual between Tita and Moshi consists of reading the bible, playing or simply talking. But regardless, there is always some time put aside for prayer. Last week, Tita asked Moshi to pray, because there was no money in the budget to pay the teachers at the end of the month. Moshi got up from his seat on the carpeted floor, and returned with his piggy bank in hand. After emptying its contents on the floor, he said, “I can give this, Mama. I hope it helps.”

Growing up in a household culture of giving out of love has clearly had a strong effect on Moshi.

The sacrificial spirit of love is also evident in the teachers at Las Escuelitas in La Limonada. Tita told one of the teachers that there wasn’t enough funds to pay them at the end of the month. The response was simple: “Then don’t pay us.” What is important to them is being able to love on the kids of the ghetto.

We know that budgets are stretched tight. We know that this economy hasn’t left most of us with any wiggle room. But if you are able to open up your piggy bank, there are teachers in La Limonada who need it.

-Written by Bethany Streng- Volunteer Blogger

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