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TEN2END Tuesday

My good friend, Joe, told me last week that he has been praying for our TEN2END Campaign every Tuesday… and as a reminder he refers to it as “TEN2END Tuesday”. So I thought we would follow Joe’s lead and focus on TEN2END every Tuesday between now and June 30 when we hope to reach our goal of 200 who have joined the Campaign.

Each Tuesday we’ll share where we are at as we pursue our goal, we’ll share stories of those of you who’ve joined the campaign and stories of people’s lives who are being helped because of your generosity.

Here are some updates:

  • We are grateful for the 21 people have joined the TEN2END Campaign by committing to donating $10 (or more) each month. We are looking for 179 more who will do the same by June 30.
  • Those who have joined so far include college students, a college professor and a new friend who is starting an an organization focused on his passion for the people of Nicaragua.
  • Over the past year we have had 1,725 people join our Facebook Cause. If just 10% of that group joined the campaign we would be very close to reaching our goal. If you’ve joined the Cause and have been helping us raise awareness about our work among the people of La Limonada… we ask you to consider taking the next step and helping us raise financial support for this work. Joining TEN2END would be a very helpful next step!
  • If you haven’t done so already take some time to read our most recent blog post. It is the real life story of a woman and her children who live in La Limonada and her struggle to overcome the intense pain that has followed her all her life. It is people like her that you are helping us to reach with God’s love as you join with us in TEN2END.

Join today at www.TEN2END.org.

Thanks for helping us “bring hope to the people of La Limonada”!

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