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TEN2END Tuesday

We are three weeks into our TEN2END Campaign… and 27 people have committed to give TEN dollars a month to help us END poverty… injustice… hopelessness… hunger… and despair in the La Limonada community of Guatemala City.

So many exciting things have been developing over the past few weeks. The renovations on the Escuelita Mandarina building are moving along which will help provide a place for more than 250 additional children to be loved, fed and educated. We have had meetings with a micro-finance organization in Guatemala City who is willing to pursue a pilot program to provide small loans to people in La Limonada who want to start or expand a small business. We are looking at homes in Guatemala City that would serve as a missions training center as well as a family-style foster home for children in La Limonada in crisis situations.

Check out the three previous blog posts for real-life examples of what we are doing or what we can do in La Limonada with your help.

You can help all of these things move forward by joining TEN2END today.

Go to www.TEN2END.org and register as one of 200 people who are helping transform lives in this forgotten community.

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