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A Mother’s Heart of Gratitude

School for Parents is an incredible opportunity for the team in Guatemala to equip parents and extend God’s message of hope and healing to them. As we focus on their children, we also want to see mothers and fathers transformed. Today, Tita shares the story of one mother who has been attending School for Parents. […]

Investing in Parents, Impacting Families

Engaging parents and guardians is essential when it comes to impacting the children of La Limonada. When students are enrolled in the academies, their guardians agree to participate in School for Parents. These monthly meetings are a crucial component in addressing the holistic needs of the children throughout their most formative stages – when they […]

A New Approach to School for Parents

Many people are familiar with this Heraclitus quote: “Change is the only constant.” In education, change is a word that is frequently used and a verb that is constantly practiced. Teachers are always reflecting, reviewing, and making changes to what once seemed to be the perfect plan. This has been the way of thinking for our […]

School is “IN” for La Limonada parents

Miriam is a new social worker for the “Mi Casita” Safe Home in Guatemala City. She and Victor, her husband of 34 years, are Christians active in their local church in Zone 5 (near La Limonada), and committed to family values. She also provides training for the Mandarina and Limon teachers, and Victor is the […]

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