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Last Day to Tackle Urgent Needs in La Limonada

Today is the FINAL DAY of our Spring Forward campaign to tackle urgent needs in La Limonada! Thank you for listening, loving, and remembering the stories of “the least of these” who are right now facing urgent needs in the midst of extreme poverty and marginalization. As in the story of the young mother, your […]

Walking in a Young Mother’s Shoes

You find out you are pregnant. Another mouth to feed. How can you possibly care for another child? Then the child is born. You are taken aback. What is wrong with the baby? “Lymphoma,” the doctor diagnoses at the public hospital. “She will not survive.” Flooded with patients, the doctor barely has the time to […]

Imagine This

Imagine this. You show up at the hospital with an emergency, and rather than offering proper treatment, those you have turned to for help end up spitting on you instead – all because of the tattoos on your arms and what they’re assumed to represent. Imagine being denied honest work time and again simply because […]

Honor Mom By Offering Compassion to the Vulnerable

  Mothers living in the largest urban slum in Guatemala City struggle to provide the basic needs of their families – they want a better life for their children without the ability to make that possible. Our Spring Forward campaign is tackling the urgent needs of mothers and families in La Limonada. Like Ana who […]

Tackle Urgent Needs in La Limonada

Tackle Urgent Needs Urgent, unexpected needs emerge every day from homes of corrugated metal, plastic sheets, and cement in the slum community of La Limonada. Families already struggling to survive another day face sudden illness, fire, unaffordable medicine, funeral expenses, or simply bus fare to get to the hospital. The Community Relief Fund enables the […]

Introducing the Marcelina Fund

Every day in La Limonada, we encounter needs among vulnerable individuals and families that are unpredictable and urgent. For years, the team has cared for those in difficult circumstances when designated funds were donated to meet specific needs. Now we have a way to extend mercy immediately. It’s the Marcelina Fund, named in honor of […]

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