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The Long Lasting Effects of Childhood Trauma

In her 2014 TEDMED talk, Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris sheds light on the effects of childhood trauma – something that is unfortunately all too common for the children who grow up in La Limonada. Burke Harris states that high doses of abuse, neglect, and trauma affect “brain development, the immune system, hormonal systems and even […]

Photo of the Week

Guatemalans honor Holy Week, or Semana Santa, with parades of floats, elaborate carpet-making, and candlelight vigils. Good Friday is a day of somber reflection, as we commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. (Photo by Silent Images)

Being Present in La Limonada

I just returned from 10 days in Guatemala, a time of connecting with staff, building relationships, visiting the community, gathering stories, and hosting a vision trip from our home church in Phoenix. It was a joy to return to the narrow streets again, and to reflect on the experience. There is a grand paradox when […]

Photo of the Week

For many, this view is Guatemala City’s poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods. Tita and her team consider La Limonada a “cathedral on the streets”—a place where God dwells and where heaven meets earth. What do you see? (Photo by Silent Images)

Photo of the Week

The beautiful Sara welcomes us in her home. (Photo by Silent Images)

Photo of the Week

Children in La Limonada love their pets too! (Photo by Silent Images)

A New School Year Begins

This week, the children of La Limonada returned to the academies filled with excitement and joy for a new school year. Registration took place last week and classes filled up quickly. 98 children were registered in the Limon Academy, 63 in the Mandarina Academy, and 40 in the new Lima Academy — for a total […]

And He Will Be Called Mighty God [Advent Guest Post]

This Advent season, as we prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus, we have invited a series of guest bloggers to reflect on the different names given to the coming Messiah in Isaiah 9:6. As we move towards Christmas, we invite you to reflect with us on the earth-shaking implications of each name, both for ourselves […]

And He Will Be Called Wonderful Counselor [Advent Guest Post]

This Advent season, as we prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus, we have invited a series of guest bloggers to reflect on the different names given to the coming Messiah in Isaiah 9:6. As we move towards Christmas, we invite you to reflect with us on the earth-shaking implications of each name, both for ourselves […]

Give in Honor of a Loved One

  What could make Christmas more meaningful than to honor your loved ones with a gift that spreads hope and has life-changing impact on the children and families in La Limonada? After giving a donation to Give Christmas, a beautiful card is available for you to personally customize and deliver to friends and family members this […]

Photo of the Week

  “This joy, purity and innocence. His sincere joy and love pierce my being. I remember the story of Don Otto and the little girl God used to transform his life forever.” – Tita (Photo by Tita Evertsz)

A New Approach to School for Parents

Many people are familiar with this Heraclitus quote: “Change is the only constant.” In education, change is a word that is frequently used and a verb that is constantly practiced. Teachers are always reflecting, reviewing, and making changes to what once seemed to be the perfect plan. This has been the way of thinking for our […]

Photo of the Week

Big smiles from these friends in La Limonada. (Photo by Rebecca Gant)

Short-Term Groups: Open Dates for 2015

We are eagerly anticipating a wonderful 2015, filled with new and ongoing relationships formed and strengthened with the community of La Limonada. It is our privilege to facilitate these meaningful opportunities for you and your groups to visit the community of La Limonada to learn, love, and grow. Our remaining open dates for 2015 are: […]

A Day in La Limonada [Photo Essay]

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Gadiel Avalos. He has since come on staff with the team in La Limonada, including work with gang members. Gadiel has contagious joy and love for the community. He recently took Instagrams on his phone throughout his day, capturing “a day in La Limonada.” We wanted to share […]

Photo of the Week

Big smile from Steven at the Mandarina academy. (Photo by Rebecca Gant)

Jesus Among the Gang Members

“Young people are seeking a way out of all suffering and problems,” says Raúl Moreno. “They are always ready to receive and listen to God.” Raúl has learned this first hand while spending time with young people in La Limonada who have gotten caught up in gang activity. For the past two months, Raúl has […]

Dancing in the Mandarina Academy [Video]

The love, lessons, exercise and fun experienced in the academies are often a stark contrast to life in extreme poverty. Kids can be kids here. Students grow intellectually as they are educated. They grow socially as they play with their friends. They grow physically as they are fed, clothed, taught proper hygiene, and receive vitamins. And […]

Photo of the Week

Abner is walking down the steps at the Lima Academy while touching the Rights of the Child signs. These signs were created at I AM ART camp earlier this year. (Photo by Rebecca Gant)

Bev Hutton’s Legacy of Loving Children

Jim Hutton visiting Guatemala with his pastor Karl Roth, along with Tita Evertsz and Rebecca Gant. After meeting Tita and visiting La Limonada last year, it was clear to Jim Hutton that supporting the work of the academies and the scholar program was exactly what his late wife Bev would have wanted. Bev passed away […]

Celebrating Guatemala

On September 15, 1821, Guatemala declared its independence from Spain along with five neighboring countries. As a national holiday, this date is commemorated as an opportunity for all Guatemalans to honor the birth of their country with celebrations and gatherings. Last Monday, staff at the Mandarina academy prepared the children for their own celebration. Parents […]

What Faithful Love Really Looks Like [Guest Post]

Today’s post is by Lindsay Stevenson, and it originally appeared on her blog Little House Big World. You may recall that last year, Lindsay also shared a two-part series on how sponsorship changed her life (read Part 1 and Part 2). Lindsay was in La Limonada last week with Ekklesia Church, and this post was […]

Seeing La Limonada with New Eyes

As a kid growing up in Guatemala City, Juan Pablo Soto knew all about La Limonada. His father lived within blocks of one of the entrances to the community, but Juan Pablo knew better than to go any closer than that—and he definitely knew better than to try to go inside. After all, he knew […]

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