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Celebrating Guatemala

On September 15, 1821, Guatemala declared its independence from Spain along with five neighboring countries. As a national holiday, this date is commemorated as an opportunity for all Guatemalans to honor the birth of their country with celebrations and gatherings. Last Monday, staff at the Mandarina academy prepared the children for their own celebration. Parents […]

Seeing La Limonada with New Eyes

As a kid growing up in Guatemala City, Juan Pablo Soto knew all about La Limonada. His father lived within blocks of one of the entrances to the community, but Juan Pablo knew better than to go any closer than that—and he definitely knew better than to try to go inside. After all, he knew […]

4 Days Left For Year-End Giving

With four days left, the Give Christmas campaign is already 75% funded! We are still in need of gifts of any amount to provide nutritious meals to the children in our academies. You still have until midnight on December 31 to help us reach our year-end fundraising goal of $30,000 for healthy meals. In addition to […]

Honor Teachers This Christmas

All of us have had teachers who made a difference in our lives. We can point back to their special concern and commitment to our success as pivotal factors in shaping who we have become. Whether through a single word of encouragement or a pattern of faithful support, teachers have the power to change students’ […]

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