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Suomi & Suomi: Lemonade Goes International

Having recently surpassed the two year mark, Lemonade International is truly living up to its name. We all love Lemonade, but now we’re really getting going with the whole “international” side of things! As most of you are well aware, there are many wonderful people from the United States who have given up a lot to live in Guatemala City and serve in La Limonada. It is also exciting that we have recently been blessed with other volunteers from all over the world!

Inna is in Guatemala to serve in La Limonada for the second time. She grew up in the Ukraine and has been working with our team for about three months.

A married couple from Argentina moved to Guatemala and they have been providing music classes to the children for the past few months.

Our friend, Wade, is from Australia and has been with us for most of 2010.

Just the other day someone in Italy donated to the cause as well.

And so it continues. The children of La Limonada are captivating the hearts of people all around the world.

The love people freely give amazes us. About two weeks ago, a wonderful woman named Eliisa was looking for opportunities to help people in Guatemala because she had lived here for a year in the mid ’90s. After clicking around on the world wide web, she found Lemonade International’s website. A few more clicks and she saw a beautiful young girl, Suomi, who was still in need of a sponsor. Eliisa and her daughters, Sonja and Anja, decided to become a special part of Suomi’s life.

As if this weren’t exciting enough, it gets better. Suomi is what people from Finland call their country in the Finnish language!

When Suomi found all of this out, she was thrilled. We looked at a world map together and I pointed out Finland (pronounced “Finlandia” in Spanish) while explaining that there is a family living so far away that loves her. All of this happened within the past two weeks and just in time for Suomi’s 10th birthday. She turned ten on Saturday, and the photo along with a card will be given to her Monday.

Below are photos that have recently been exchanged between Guatemala and Finland. Suomi is holding a sign that says ‘Thank you’ in Finnish, while Sonja and Anja are holding a sign saying ‘Happy Birthday’ in Spanish.

This is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

– Rebecca Gant, Lemonade International Team Member

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