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Student Highlight: Josué

I was recently able to visit the home of a new student at the school, Josué. He’s been attending for a couple of months now and has so much enthusiasm and brings even more smiles into his classroom. His house is seemingly peaceful – small, but clean. His teacher, Norma,  and I simply went to get to know his family better.

We were greeted with hugs and were invited to sit at their dinner table to chat and drink soda. The front corner of their house serves as a little store where you would find a small selection of grocery items, individual sized hygiene products and cleaning supplies. Josué’s mother, Ingrid, runs the store but always gets help from the twelve other members of their household. I was introduced to grandparents, siblings, nieces and nephews. Josués father, Mario, was working at his semi-stable job as a mechanic.

Ingrid repeatedly thanked Norma for being such a wonderful teacher and had nothing but nice things to say about the Escuelita Mandarina. This is the first year that Josué has had the opportunity to attend the Escuelita Mandarina, and he’s one of the first ones to rush inside the door every afternoon. Josué gets good grades and has plenty of help with homework and studies at the school. He especially loves studying Math and English. He’s a great student and shows no signs of wanting to be involved in drugs and violence like so many of his peers. Education is such a powerful means to keep him off the streets and exposed to a better way of life.

Like several other students in the schools, Josué is anxiously waiting to be sponsored. He would love to start writing and begin a friendship with a “Padrino” (or “God-parent” – as the children refer to their sponsors). Please consider supporting the schools while beginning a relationship with this special eleven-year-old boy, Josué, by sponsoring him today.


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