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Sponsor A Teacher – “50 States In 50 Days”

We are 7 days into our “50 States In 50 Days” Campaign and with 43 days to go it’s exciting to see people spread the word about ways their family and friends can support the work in La Limonada. One new child sponsor shared a post titled, “Lemonade? Yes, please!” on her “Handmade Musings” Blog. Thanks so much, Angela!
Here is our “50 States” map as it stands today:
To provide some motivation for states with current partners (in light green), we are only going to change the state color to dark green once there are three new partners for that state! The states in white where we do not currently have partners will change to dark green as soon as we add one new partner in that state. Currently, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas are close to being turned to dark green!
So, continue to help us get the word out to people you know in your home state and those who live in other parts of the country!
This week we are focusing on our “Sponsor A Teacher” program. The teachers and other staff members at the schools in La Limonada currently make approximately $7 a day. The average worker in Guatemala City makes $14 a day. For $50 a month you can help to provide one of the teachers with a fair wage while building a personal relationship in the process.
We’d like you to meet a couple of the staff members at the schools…
Gloria started working for us last summer. She had asked Tita earlier for work, but at the time there were no openings. Soon after her husband and some other gang members robbed delivery truck drivers who were bringing us construction supplies, we had an opening for cleaning. And by the grace that only God can give, it was clear that she was the person for the job. Gloria is an extremely hard worker and always willing to do whatever is asked. She’s fun, playful, and loves to joke. She also loves to play sports, especially basketball. She has 3 children, and her husband has been in the drug and alcohol rehab that Shorty leads for almost a month now.
China (pronounced “Chee-nah”) just started working for us this year. In the past she had been robbing people on the streets with her sister, but was really convicted in her heart about doing so. She also had been asking Tita for work for some time. After China spent some time praying to God about her situation, she learned that there was a job opening. Soon after she joined the staff as a cleaning person at one of the schools. China is also an amazing worker, and is just as much fun as Gloria. She’s been a quick learner, and has become an invaluable part of our staff. She has 3 little children and just recently took in her niece and nephew after their mom left them. So now she’s responsible for 5 children.
To sponsor one of these staff members or another one of the incredible teachers and staff members at the schools who give their lives to serve the children and families of La Limonada go to our website and click on the “Sponsor A Teacher” icon (just like the one to the left) for instructions.
Thanks again for helping to spread the word about this movement across the United States!

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