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So Much Happens…

In just a few days in La Limonada it is amazing how much happens…

Home visits spark conversations, deepened relationships and prayer.

Walking through the community we stop to provide water and pray for an older woman that is clearly dehydrated, malnourished, and high from sniffing glue.

Former gang members are visited in their homes (which in some cases serve as hideouts) and encouraged to stay strong in their decisions to leave their old lives behind.

Food is delivered to a family where there is a mother who has been diagnosed with cancer and a father who cannot work because he has to make sure his wife gets to the hospital every day with hopes of being scheduled to get treatment while their 11 year old daughter takes care of the other 4 children.

A family is visited and prayed for after losing their 4-month old baby boy who died in his sleep that morning.

Another family is prayed for after the father hung himself the morning before… leaving behind a wife and children who are grieving.

Kids were taken bowling… most for the first time in their lives.

Visits to classrooms at both of the schools bring about attacks of hugs and smiles from the amazing children that are being served there by the incredible teachers who give their lives every day to provide these kids with unconditional love and hope for a better life.

Photos, letters and gifts are delivered to children who are anxiously waiting to hear from their sponsors (or as they call them – “Padrinas” – which means “Godparents”).

Plans are discussed for how we can do more for a community that desperately needs help.

As is true every time we are with the people of La Limonada, returning from time spent there leads to a whirlwind of emotions. But, returning home for us means that we continue to carry on the work of raising awareness and support for the work that is changing lives in La Limonada.

Thank you so much for your help as you stand together with us in this work!

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