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Simple Things

Simple things. So very many simple things that the haves take for granted, while the have-nots go without. Simple things. Like ice cream and movies.

Saturday afternoon we took the kids from Mi Casita to the movies. That was quite an experience. For a lot of them, even for an 11-year old, it was the first time to go to the movies. It was in the mall and I can only imagine how overwhelming of a feeling it was to be in a huge building that had lots of big stores with beautiful stuff, people dressed in nice clothes, lots of light and escalators (some kids were scared of them and didn’t know what to do!). That had to be breath-taking because has no comparison with the ghetto.

I was sitting with little Julita and couldn’t stop thinking about how just how much she had changed… I remember back when we “rescued” her and her brothers. She was scared of everything, cried at just seeing the people around her… and here we are in the cinema, she’s sitting by herself, next to people she’s never seen, the room is full of strangers, the lights go off, the sound is loud and the screen is huge and she is smiling while I am holding her hand (just in case)… that’s that power of love and security that she feels in her little heart.

After the movie we were treated to ice-cream cones right there in the mall. I couldn’t believe how well-behaved the kids were. Their faces expressed so much happiness. While waiting for the icre-cream they sat and waited patiently… one kid had two tiny toys and shared with everybody… That was amazing!

Little Julita didn’t know what an ice-cream was and kept trying to grab it with her hand. Then she saw the big kids eat it and followed their example. It’s the simple things that just mean so very much.

-Written by Inna Sinkevych

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