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Shorty & Gerardo – September Update

The exploration process of establishing a church community in La Limonada is in full swing. Two Guatemalan pastors, Shorty and Gerardo, started working with our team in La Limonada last month to begin moving toward a “woshipping missional community” that is in partnership with the schools in La Limonada. They have been spending time visiting homes to get to know the families in the community, and have spent quality time with the teenagers at the school that is laying the groundwork for a youth ministry.

It’s amazing to watch our students, specifically the boys, react to Shorty and Gerardo. They absolutely love spending time with them. They play soccer, share life stories, and talk about living a life for Christ. It seems so rare at times for our kids to have positive male role models, and it’s such a blessing to have Shorty and Gerardo as part of our team.

This past weekend, Shorty arranged for 5 of the teenage boys from Mandarina to spend the weekend with him. First, the team that was here had a farewell dinner, to which Shorty, Gerardo and the boys were invited. Each of the teenagers came dressed up and so excited to be there.

The best part of the whole evening was watching them enjoy themselves so much. The rest of the weekend involved swimming, movies, church, and spending lots of time with Shorty. In talking with the boys this week, they had a great time. We are so blessed and so thankful to have these men pouring into the lives of our children.

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