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Shorty, Gerardo and a Collaborative Effort to Establish a Faith Community in La Limonada

Over the past few months there has been much prayer and activity focused on establishing a faith community in partnership with the schools in La Limonada.

Tita and her close friend, Joel Van Dyke, who is the Latin America Director for the Center for Transforming Mission, have been spending a lot of time talking through this recently. And Tita has been praying for this for years.

Lemonade International, Tita, Joel, LI board member – Ray Strecker, and friends from Vineyard Central, Rivers Crossing and Life Of Hope, share a common passion to see this beome a reality.

As a result of our sense of God’s leading and our collaborative efforts, plans are moving forward. Beginning immediately, ex-gang members and trained and ordained pastors, “Shorty” and Gerardo, will begin a five-month process of listening, reflection and building relationships with the people of La Limonada.

By the end of January, the plan is to have a meeting in Guatemala to evaluate the five-month process being inaugurated now and to hear a report from Tita, Shorty and Gerardo about their vision for the next steps based on their experiences during these months before us.

Please pray for us as we pursue our hope of establishing a new kind of faith community in La Limonada.

Check out the video below of Tita, Shorty, Gerardo and I from just a few days ago (aplogogies for the wind noise that makes it difficult to hear us at times)…

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