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Give Shoes and School Supplies This Christmas


What if the only thing stopping your child from going to school next year was a pair of sneakers? Or a box of pencils and other basic school supplies? It’s hard to imagine, but in La Limonada these simple needs sometimes stand between children and their education. We want to make sure that’s no longer the case.

This Christmas, you can offer these children an opportunity to succeed in school by giving shoes and school supplies in a handmade backpack. Because these items are being made by local artisans Otto and Willy, your gift will also be supporting our business incubator, providing much-needed employment for men and women in the community.

Your gift will enable children like little Dulce to walk confidently to school next year, while feeling valued by someone who was moved with love to meet these basic needs. The daughter of a hard-working tortilla-maker named Nancy, Dulce was one of the first babies cared for when we began a small nursery in the community. She immediately captured the hearts of our staff with her adorable smile and contagious joy. Dulce is now five and has been attending the Mandarina academy for the last two years. Full of potential, we believe God has good plans for her life.

With a gift of $50 or more you can provide children from La Limonada like Dulce with good quality shoes that will last the entire school year, as well as essential school supplies.

Gifts of any amount will be a tremendous help in reaching our year-end fundraising goal of $15,000 for shoes and school supplies.


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