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School Shoes For Christmas

Some of you have asked how you can help the children of La Limonada as Christmas approaches.

Each year Tita and her team host a Christmas party for the children and present each of them with a new pair of shoes… shoes that will last for the entire year. To us, a new pair of shoes for the school year is just a necessity, something we purchase without thinking much of it. For these children, it means so much to know that someone cares enough about them to buy them a pair of shoes that actually fit.

It means so much for them to know that they have something that was bought especially for them… when a pair of shoes is usually shared between all of the children in the house. The excitement they have to wear their new shoes with their school uniform is something amazing to see!

If you have been to La Limonada or if you know the type of neighborhood it is, you would understand that the kids need a sturdy pair of shoes to protect their feet. This would be a great way to give a gift for Christmas that wouldn’t require shipping and would be a huge help for Tita as she seeks to buy shoes for all of the kids!

Life of Hope has given enough to purchase school shoes for all the kids on “The Other Side” (about 50 pairs)… so there is still a need for about 210 pairs of shoes. Purchased in Guatemala City, each pair costs an average of $15.00 (a total of about $3,100).

If you want to give a gift of school shoes for one of the children (or more) you can do so by going to our Donation Web Page, then choosing “One-Time Donation”. In the “Fund” drop-down menu choose “Vidas Plenas – The School”, and in the comments box type “School Shoes“.

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