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School is “IN” for La Limonada parents

Miriam is a new social worker for the “Mi Casita” Safe Home in Guatemala City. She and Victor, her husband of 34 years, are Christians active in their local church in Zone 5 (near La Limonada), and committed to family values. She also provides training for the Mandarina and Limon teachers, and Victor is the values, Bible, and sexual education teacher for both schools. This past week they delivered messages of hope to the parents of the kids who attend these schools.

The monthly “parent’s meeting” is compulsory for parents as a condition of their children’s attendance, and in this first meeting of the school year Miriam talked about conflict resolution in the home, broken marriages, and the impact of male-figure influence in the lives of their children.

Most of the moms who were in the room are single, and listened closely as Miriam painted a not-so-pretty picture of what happens when multiple men enter and exit a family environment (often as boyfriends of the single moms). She then described the best “model” of a male-figure influence – Jesus. She told the adults that the most important answer is the introduction of Jesus to their children, and the important role they play in this introduction. It was a simple message outlining the importance of teaching their children Biblical principles, how they must be kind to their children, and how they must also be open to them so they don’t have to learn all their life lessons on the street.

We appreciate and love Miriam and Victor, and the burden that God has placed on their heart for the children (and parents!) of La Limonada.

-Rebecca Gant

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