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Safe Haven for the Abused

Abuse. The word doubtless makes all of our insides shudder in disgust and fear. Sorrow for the victim and shame for the perpetrator would overwhelm any compassionate soul. There are many women and children in La Limonada who are battered and abused by the “men” of the family. It is a story that can be told in nearly every culture, age and time. Sometimes the victims feel helpless or fearful that if they attempt to escape they would face a fate worse than the one that has become their existence. And so they stay.

The team in Guatemala witnesses this on a constant basis. They have been trying to help one family in particular for two years, fearful that if they didn’t interfere, serious injury would be the ending result. The mother and children were suffering abuse, and yet they stayed, despite attempts from Tita and the team to help them. The mother eventually began abusing her children as well, and so the little ones were being brutalized from both adults in their lives.

Recently, Tita received a phone call from the desperate mother, finally asking for help. It was apparent that if actions to remove them from the home situation weren’t immediate, that this mother would commit suicide. The team moved quickly and were able to take the mother and children away from the home and placed them in a center for battered women. Here, they will be able to receive treatment for physical, psychological, and spiritual wounds.

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