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Rivers Crossing – Kings Mills, OH (Part 2)

The other day we provided you with a link to the day to day recap from the time the Rivers Crossing group spent in La Limonada. We wanted to follow up with a few more photos… and with a big “THANK YOU” from us and from our team in Guatemala!

Our team there had nothing but great things to say about this group! Paul and Jeff and their group were an incredible blessing to them and to the people of La Limonada. Their flexibility with the planning of the trip and willingness to adjust the schedule because of unforeseeable circumstances was a huge help to all of us.
They worshipped with our team, spent time with the kids in the classrooms, painted at the schools, built an awning for a homeless man, visited homes, talked with a leader we’ve identified for the development of a “worshipping missional community” in La Limonada and had a lot of fun in the process.
Thanks so much, Rivers Crossing!!!

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