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Report From The Fund-Raising Gala

We are so thankful for everyone who attended the Lemonade Int’l Fund-Raising Gala this past Tuesday night! We are blown away by the hearts of compassion for the people of La Limonada and by the stories that came out of the evening we spent together.

Here are some highlights from the night:

  • A couple originally from Guatemala attended who were unaware of LI just days before… and were inspired by our work and talked about sponsoring a child from La Limonada.
  • Another couple attended who went on a short-term trip to Guatemala in 2005. They said that part of their hearts were left in the country. They also talked to us about sponsoring a child.
  • Our friend, Maria, who spoke at the event and is involved in a lot of non-profit work said following the event, “I have never worked with people with so much compassion and care towards a project”.
  • We received great feedback about the venue, the food and the environment… Caffe Luna really did a great job.
  • The Silent Auction was a great success. We are grateful to so many who donated some incredible items to auction off!
  • James Walters of Walters & Walters provided photography for the event… so be on the lookout for photos that will be posted on our blog in the coming days.

The total raised on Tuesday night was $8,572. We are grateful for every donation made at the event…. and for each person who generously wrote checks, made pledges and donated through winning the silent auction items.

While we know our fund-raising goal was high (we set a goal of $65,000), we fully believe in the work God has called us to and are unashamed to ask for financial support to enable us to move this work forward.

As renovations are taking place at Escuelita Mandarina preparations are being made to enroll up to 200 more children. A carpentry workshop will be started for gang members to learn a trade. A pilot micro-finance program is in the works. We are traveling to Guatemala in less than two weeks to explore options for a larger home to provide transitional housing for orphaned and abandoned children. There are so many needs and so much more work to do…. and it takes people like yourselves to help make these things happen.

We want to extend our fund-raising efforts to those who were not able to make it to the event and to those who live outside of the Raleigh area.

The most helpful way to give would be through Recurring Monthly Donations. This will help provide long-term sustainable support for our ongoing work and growth. You can set up your giving online with $25, $50 or $100 Recurring Donations or the amount of your choice. You can go to the Lemonade Int’l website and click on the “Donate”* button at any time and set this up.

You can also join our TEN2END Campaign by committing to a $10 Monthly Donation to help us END poverty… injustice… hunger… hopelessness… and despair in La Limonada.

If you sponsor a child already and would like to increase the amount of your monthly donation just contact cherie@lemonadeinternational.flywheelsites.com and let her know the amount and she can make the adjustment for you.

Thanks to each of you for caring for the people of La Limonada and for everything you have done to bring hope to their lives!

*Lemonade International is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax deductible. Year-end contribution statements will be provided for all donations.

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