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Reparando Now Available on Hulu and Amazon Prime

REPARANDO-banner-largeAs many of us can attest, Reparando is a truly transformative film. The story of how victims of incredible suffering in Guatemala have embraced the pain of the past in order to repair the next generation, you can’t watch it and not be changed. And for many of us, Reparando has served as our first introduction to the stories of those in La Limonada and the ways God is using his ordinary servants—people like Tita and Shorty—to do incredible things.

We’re excited to pass along the news, recently announced by our friends at Athentikos, that the film is now available to view online via Amazon Prime and Hulu, making it accessible to many who still have yet to see it.

If you’re a subscriber to either of these online distributors, we’d ask that you log in and view the film, even if you own it on DVD and have watched it numerous times. Invite friends over for the viewing party. Once you’ve watched it, rate it and write a review (a good one, preferably!). Then share the news on Facebook and Twitter.

Reparando’s staying power on these distribution channels requires a high number of views and ratings, so if you believe in the film, please help Athentikos (and us) generate the kind of buzz it deserves!

– Tim Høiland

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