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“Those who have been tutored by Jesus find great meaning and satisfaction in treating people as Jesus did. Or take those who have not yet been exposed to the language of justice in the Scriptures. They may not yet feel compelled to build a commitment to justice into their lifestyle decisions. But those who have been captured by Jesus’ modeling of justice regard it as a central indicator of the health of their relationship with God. These shifts, often called ‘perspective transformation’, mean we have begun thinking in whole new ways.

This new thinking is transformation in the biblical sense of the term. The biblical writers used the Greek word metanoia to convey the essence of what it means to turn away from something. Metanoia means repentance, a change of mind leading to a change of direction. A similar concept is found in the word metamorphosis, that miraculous process represented best by the change that transforms a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Inherently all true and deep change involves both a turning away from something and a turning toward something else. It involves a rejection and an embrace.”

-Randy White, Encounter God in the City: Onramps to Personal and Community Transformation

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