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Rebecca Gant’s New Role

We are excited to announce that as of January 1, Rebecca Gant will assume a new role as a full-time staff member of Lemonade International. In her role as International Operations Director, she will be our point person on the ground in Guatemala.

Rebecca will continue to oversee our sponsorship program on the Guatemala side and to use her photography and creative skills to share stories of what’s happening in La Limonada. Along with those responsibilities, she will provide communication between our stateside operations and the programs in Guatemala and direct our Lemonade House for interns and groups.

Having served with us in Guatemala since May 2010, Rebecca lived off her own savings and raised her own support. She has been invaluable to our work and now it’s our pleasure to have her officially join the Lemonade International staff.

From Rebecca…

To say that I’m ‘honored’ would be an absurd understatement. This honestly is my dream – to be able to work for a ministry that does so much good with so much love.

I am confident in my place in Guatemala. In La Limonada. I haven’t been this sure of something in quite awhile. I’m secure with my relationship with the children as well as each of you – while trying to improve those daily. Although I’ve been happy for the past year and a half in Guatemala – for the past six months I can confidently say that every day has been better than the last.

I’m proud to now call Lemonade International my employer. This beautiful relationship will continue to grow and together we’ll all see great things happen. Each day we’re learning, becoming wiser, and understanding God’s kingdom a little bit better.

This coming year will bring many opportunities that I’ve been anticipating for quite some time. I have many goals and I’m aspiring to work along side each of you to collaborate with the community. I’m grateful to find myself working with a team with so much grace and compassion. In unity we can continue forward in our common goal.

The movie, Reparando, reminds us that ‘hope is rising.’ You can feel it. Lives are being changed through the programs in La Limonada. Hard-working, single mothers are able to provide for their families. Puzzled adolescents have been able to express themselves through art. Fourteen-year-old children are finally learning how to read. Grown adults are experiencing love for the first time in their lives. Incredible struggles bring out marvelous stories. Marvelous outcomes.

I’m just another small playing piece in this beautiful game. We’re all working together and celebrating together in our victories. Let’s embrace the struggles. We’ll move forward together (you, me, your churches, Lemonade Int’l, the Limonada Community) to bring about peace.

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