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PURE SUGAR: Telling Stories Of Grace

The Center For Transforming Mission (CTM) is the parent organization of Estrategia de Transformación (EdT) which is led by Joel Van Dyke who is a partner and close friend of Tita’s in Guatemala.

We spent some quality time together in Guatemala last week with an incredible group of servants to pray and dream about the next steps in the planting of a “Worshipping Missional Community” (otherwise known as “church”) in La Limonada (more to come about this in the next couple days).

While we were together, we also heard from Joel and Shorty about the untimely, tragic death of their friend and co-laborer, 38 year-old Daniel Antonio Puac Calderón (nicknamed “Azucar” or “Sugar” in English) – who was shot and killed this past Friday night as he was closing up his little cell phone store in Guatemala City.

Please take some time to read Joel’s email about Azucar here:

Words From Below: PURE SUGAR: Telling Stories Of Grace

And watch a video tribute of Azucar’s life from our friends at Athentikos here:

Azucar: A Tribute Video

I am with Joel in wanting “to scream ‘BASTA YA’ (Enough is enough!). When will this violence ever stop? Where is justice in the face of such a terrible tragedy?”.

May Azucar’s life serve as an inspiration to all of us as we pray for and support God’s Kingdom and His justice on earth.

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