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Precious Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day comes a little earlier in Guatemala than it does in the United States. This Thursday, fathers in Guatemala will be recognized for their love and faithfulness to their families. Sadly, some children in La Limonada will not have their birth fathers around to celebrate the day with, but some of them still have an important man in their lives to share the day with. This year, the dads and father figures will be getting something a little extra special from the kids at Las Escuelitas.

The carpentry workshop is in full swing, with the “muchachos” working diligently to improve their skills. Since resources are scarce in the ghetto, they often use scraps of wood to work on their projects. Recently, they crafted key racks out of small blocks of wood, to which they fastened hooks. The children from both Escuelitas spent time carefully painting the key racks as gifts for their fathers and important men in their lives.

There was a sense of community with this project, as the gifts went from the gang members, to Katy and Verito (the resident craft help at the schools), to the children, and then to the parents. The gifts may be simple, but they were made with much love and admiration. It is incredible to see generations coming together to work on something with a sense of intent.

-Written by Bethany Streng- Volunteer Blogger

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