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Political Destabilization in Guatemala

This past week international attention was directed toward Guatemala as the murder of a prominent lawyer in Guatemala City shed light on presumed corruption in the Guatemalan government.

On Sunday, May 10 Rodrigo Rosenberg Marzano was shot to death as he was riding his bicycle on a busy avenue in the city. Murders of lawyers in Guatemala City are unfortunately not uncommon, but what drew attention to this particular murder is the fact that Mr. Marzano recorded a video four days before he was killed saying, “if you are currently watching or listening to this message it’s because I was murdered by President Alvaro Colom…”

While President Colom has denied any wrongdoing, the murder and the posthumously released video of Mr. Marzano exposes the corruption that has been going on in the Guatemalan government for years. Also in the video, Mr. Marzano claims that Guatemalans have fallen into a “lethargy… in a country that no longer belongs to us… a country that belongs to drug dealers, thieves and murderers.”

According to an article from Economist.com there is widespread concern in Guatemala that a president who “promoted himself as a crusader against endemic corruption and violent crime” has potentially involved himself in something he has verbally condemned and committed to fight against as leader of the country.

Our involvement in Guatemala over the past five years has revealed to us a need for drastic transformation in the country where gangs, violence and drug trafficking have become commonplace.

Please pray for justice and peace in Guatemala as this story unfolds in the coming days and weeks.

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