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“Poco a poco”

(which translates to “little by little”)…

As I sit down to write this I am in awe and at a loss for words for just how much God is moving and working here. I know he is moving and working everywhere, but this is where I’m at right now, so this is what I see. 🙂 I think about all the lives he is touching and reaching in La Limonada, and I know that we don’t even realize the fullness of the eternal impact that is happening there.

What started as a run down building 9 months ago has been being transformed little by little into a school of refuge…love…teaching…an oasis of joy. There has been so much effort, prayers, finances, and work put into the reconstruction of Mandarina, but not just on the building itself, on the community as a whole. It’s impossible to not see the beauty there of what God is doing…

A few weeks ago we were able to open up another classroom that has been finished and bring in 25 new students!!! Part of my job is to take all of their pictures for the website and support cards and I just LOVE seeing them light up with excitement when I tell them that I’m taking their photo for their “padrinos” in the U.S. As of a few days ago the website is updated with all of the new students! As you can imagine it means SO MUCH to these children to have a sponsor and know that someone loves and cares for them when most want to completely reject this community of La Limonada.

If you, or anyone you know would like to sponsor a child there are still many that need the love and prayers of a sponsor. As the Child Sponsorship coordinator here in La Limonada I have TRULY seen this love transform their lives. The effects for them are eternal.

To sponsor a child please go to our website and click on the red “Sponsor a Child” stamp at the top-left.

This is truly not possible without your prayers, love and support for this community.

the new classroom at Escuela Mandarina

the top floor of Mandarina that is waiting to be finished and will be 2 more classrooms
*Written by Leah Craver (Lemonade International representative living in Guatemala and serving full-time in La Limonada).

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