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Photos Of The Day: School Shoes Update

In the month of December we raised $10,000 as part of our “Give Christmas” initiative and those funds are being invested to provide all the children at the Schools and the Safe Home with school shoes.

As you may know, our Community Development Director, Hubert, has been working with “O” – a shoemaker from La Limonada – to make all the shoes for the children. A businessman from South Carolina provided a loan to “O” to expand his business to include all the necessary tools and materials to make the shoes and he is beginning work on the project that will take him and his son about a month to complete.

As you will see in the photos below, the teachers measured the children’s feet to get their shoe sizes by tracing each child’s foot on a piece of paper. Each paper was then collected with the child’s name written on it so an order of sizes for boys and girls shoes could be given to “O”.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible. We’re excited to provide shoes to all the children in the coming weeks and for the opportunity to help expand the business of a shoemaker from La Limonada.

photos: Tina Breshears

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