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Parenting School

It costs nothing for the children to attend the program at the two schools run by Tita and her team in La Limonada. The only requirement is that their parents or guardians attend “Parenting School” once a month.

Wednesday morning we held our first one at the new school. Parents, grandparents, aunts, neighbors, whoever is responsible for sending a student to the school showed up bright and early. Some were still half asleep at 7:45 am. This program is about prevention and that happens by not only reaching the children, but reaching their families as well.

Tita and Priscilla (the school psychologist) talked about how important it is to show love and care for your children, and let them know it is never too late to start. Their attendance at the meeting showed how much they cared for their children just by being there.

I think the parents left feeling encouraged that someone sees that they are trying to give their children a hope for a better future.

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