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A Splash of Color

August 7, 2009

As the renovations in Escuela Mandarina continue, we wanted to share some of the exciting process. Color on the walls! With most homes in La Limonada being very dark, closed, and dismal, it’s been neat to see this building transform into a place of light, hope, and brightness. Of course that doesn’t only come from […]

Teachers Meeting

August 7, 2009

Every Friday morning the teachers from both schools in La Limonada meet together for ongoing training, to discuss plans for the following week, to share about what is going on in the lives of the children in their respective classrooms and to take time to strengthen their relationships with each other. It is so great […]

75 Children Awaiting “Padrinas” (Sponsors)

August 5, 2009

It has been a little over a year since we officially launched our child sponsorship program, and it has been a very exciting year! Our first child was sponsored on July 8, 2008 and it amazes us to realize that 261 children have been sponsored since then. This vital program has provided so much for […]

Praying For Humility

August 4, 2009

Recently, Tita asked me to send the following message out to everyone… “I have being praying for repentance, humildad, conviction and salvation for the people for the Community of La Limonada. I would love everybody to acompañarnos to pray with us, por favor”! Thanks for your prayers, support and encouragement as our team works to […]

Rivers Crossing – Kings Mills, OH (Part 2)

July 28, 2009

The other day we provided you with a link to the day to day recap from the time the Rivers Crossing group spent in La Limonada. We wanted to follow up with a few more photos… and with a big “THANK YOU” from us and from our team in Guatemala! Our team there had nothing […]

Celebrate Recovery Team

July 27, 2009

A couple weeks ago, an incredible team from Amistad Foundation and Fellowship Bible Church in northwest Arkansas was with us for more training in Celebrate Recovery. Here’s an excerpt from an email that Rodney, the leader, sent home to supporters back in the states… What an amazing day in Guatemala! We started our day with […]

Rivers Crossing – Kings Mills, OH (Part 1)

July 26, 2009

Much more on this to come… but here is a link to the recap from Rivers Crossing and their time in La Limonada this past week: Rivers Crossing – Guatemala Recap Our team in Guatemala was so encouraged by your love, your humility and your service among the people of La Limonada!

Karen Brown – Guest Blog Post

July 20, 2009

Karen Brown spent last week in La Limonada (along with her friend, Diane Moore) as part of a spiritual pilgrmmage encouraged by her church community, Evergreen Church in Raleigh. We asked Karen to share about her time in La Limonada… Recently I’ve been reading about Jesus’ example of humble service to the poor and marginalized […]

Diane Moore – Guest Blog Post

July 20, 2009

Diane Moore, a new friend, and leader of a new non-profit organization, Strving For More, spent last week in La Limonada (along with her friend, Karen Brown) as part of a spiritual pilgrimmage. We asked Diane to share about her experience from her time in the community… My initial plan was to travel to Guatemala […]

NC State Students Visit La Limonada

July 16, 2009

This past Monday we had the privilege of spending time with an NC State student along with 5 of her friends, as they were finishing up their time here in Guatemala and getting ready to make their way to Costa Rica. We met her in April when our team was on campus promoting our organization […]

The Idea Camp – August 28 & 29

July 14, 2009

Lemoande International will be a participating organization at The Idea Camp: Justice Edition in Washington, CD on August 28 & 29. The Idea Camp is a free and unique confernece spearheaded by Charles Lee, the Cultural Catalyst at New Hope South Bay. The latest installment of The Idea Camp focuses on issues of compassion and […]

Incredible Week for Lifepointe Team from Raleigh, NC

July 13, 2009

The leaders and community of Lifepointe Church here in Raleigh, NC have develped such an incredible heart for the people of La Limonada over the past year. Sommer Wisher, the Family Life and Missions Director made her third trip to Guatemala to serve in La Limonada… this time leading a group that included six others. […]

BridgePoint Church – Houston, TX

July 9, 2009

This past Saturday a team of 13 from Bridgepoint Church in Houston, TX wrapped up seven incredible days here in Guatemala. It’s hard to put into words how much it means to the teachers, the children, and the Lemonade Team that there are those who are willing to sacrifice their time, finances, and resources and […]

Tree of Life Church – Harrisburg, PA

July 8, 2009

We had the privilege of spending a couple days last week with Tree of Life Church from Harrisburg, PA. It was a busy but wonderful time filled with bowling, new t-shirts for the kids from Esculeita Mandarina, and home visits in the community. The kids had so much fun bowling, and they looked so great […]


July 7, 2009

A “God-incidence”, according to Tita, is when circumstances appear to be coincidental, but where God is really at work. It’s an expression I’ve heard her use several times, and I can say that it truly is amazing to see how God works… even in all the little things. Last week we had a group from […]

Donnie Long Spending July in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua

July 6, 2009

Donnie Long, one of our incredible team members, will be spending most of the month of July in Central America with teams from Lifechurch in Allentown, PA. Donnie (or “Udon” as I like to call him) has volunteered hundreds of hours to help establish Lemonade International over the past year and has helped us make […]

The ends of the earth

July 1, 2009

“You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1: 8b Where exactly are the ends of the earth? Jesus spoke this to His disciples just before He ascended into heaven, telling them that they would be His witnesses in the ends of […]

Searching For Value

June 24, 2009

This is a boy who attends one of our schools in La Limonada. He is just 8 or 9 years old. He spends hours in the ravine searching for scrap metals that will earn him about 0.20Q per pound (equal to about 3¢). The ravine in La Limonada is filled with trash and sewage. He […]

TEN2END Tuesday – An Inspiring Young Lady

June 23, 2009

There is just one week left in our our TEN2END Campaign… that leaves us with 7 days to reach our goal of having 200 people give TEN dollars a month to help END poverty, injustice, hunger, hopelessness and despair in La Limonada. Here’s the story of one young lady who found a way to help… […]

Playing Like A Child – A “Holy Moment”

June 22, 2009

The other day I was on the phone with Tita as the children were playing in the soccer field in La Limonada. While we were talking, Tita began to scream with excitement. She said, “I wish you could see this! There is a homeless woman from the ghetto who always sniffs glue and she is […]

Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Team

June 17, 2009

This past week Deb & Mike from COTI in Cincinnati came back to La Limonada for the second time this year, and this time brought an awesome team with them. Since they are occupational therapists and specialize in helping those with developmental challenges, illness, injury and behavioral problems, having them come to the schools in […]

TEN2END Tuesday

June 16, 2009

With just two weeks left in our TEN2END Campaign… we have 47 people who have pledged to give TEN dollars a month to help us fight poverty and injustice in the La Limonada community of Guatemala City. Over the course of one year that is a total of $5,640 raised simply by asking individuals and […]

An Update on Viejito

June 15, 2009

You may have read about Viejito and his wife from a blog post in May. Both he and his wife suffered from falls at different times that left them in a lot of pain. His wife passed away a few days after Tita prayed with her about a month ago. She had been telling Tita […]

Meet Andi

June 12, 2009

Last year Tita contacted a Latin Link to pursue having an intern who would work with her and her team at the schools in La Limonada. After months of waiting she was contacted by the organization in February and told that her intern arrived from his home in Switzerland and was in Antigua brushing up […]

The Slum Documentary Film Project

June 11, 2009

In recent weeks the crew of The Slum Documentary Film Project spent significant time filming in La Limonada and learning about the community. They were there to capture footage for the upcoming production and release of their documentary film project that will “shine the light on the huge issue” of extreme poverty in the slums […]

TEN2END Tuesday

June 9, 2009

We are three weeks away from the completion of our TEN2END Campaign… and at this point we have 40 people who have signed on to help us in our effort to END poverty, injustice, hopelessness, hunger and despair in La Limonada by taking action and giving TEN dollars a month. Our goal is to have […]

A Family Being Restored

June 8, 2009

The day after Mother’s Day Leah posted “A Mother’s Day Story From La Limonada”. She shared about sisters “C” (7 years old) and “M” (4 years old) and their mother (Ana) whose fingers were cut off by her abusive husband who is now in jail. In just a few weeks it is so evident that […]

A La Limonada Address

June 5, 2009

What is your address? It seems like a simple question. How many times do you fill out forms that include your address? You probably respond to the question without thinking twice. What would life be like for you if your real address was a sure guarantee that you could not get a legitimate job? That […]

Father In Jail… Family Suffers

June 4, 2009

The boy and the girl above are brother and sister. They both attend one of the schools in La Limonada (they have another sister who also attends). Their father is in jail. He has confessed to killing many people and has acknowledged the pain he has caused their families… and the pain he has caused […]

A Day in La Limonada

June 4, 2009

This is the stove of a family in La Limonada. They often have to burn plastic bottles when there is no wood for the fire.The people of La Limonada value the beauty of God’s creation too….Carrying “masa” to make tortillas to sell to provide for her family…A grandmother caring for her grandchild…A beautiful little girl… […]

TEN2END Tuesday

June 2, 2009

We are three weeks into our TEN2END Campaign… and 27 people have committed to give TEN dollars a month to help us END poverty… injustice… hopelessness… hunger… and despair in the La Limonada community of Guatemala City. So many exciting things have been developing over the past few weeks. The renovations on the Escuelita Mandarina […]


June 1, 2009

“Nathy’s” mom is in jail. She used to have a very rough life. And Nathy was just one more mouth to feed. One more child to take care of. He was moved from house to house to live with various relatives. When his mom was arrested and taken to jail about three months ago there […]

Pray for “J”

June 1, 2009

Tita has known “J” since she was a little girl. Now at 19 she calms her pain by sniffing glue (the drug of choice in La Limonada because it is cheap and easy to get). She does this to numb herself from the pain she is devastated by. J was raised by her grandmother. Her […]

Tita’s Time With “M”

June 1, 2009

Last week a desperate mother called Tita and let her know that her 12 year old son, “M”, has been going out regularly at night stealing from people with three other boys (ages 10, 18 & 19). This is not uncommon for boys from La Limonada, but this mother was distraught because now it was […]

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