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Lifepointe Ignited Youth Ministry 7th Grade Boys Take Action

March 21, 2011

A few weeks ago our youth ministry started a series based on a verse in the bible, James 1:27, which basically says that if you are going to take your faith seriously you need to help take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. Now, I lead the 7th grade boys small group […]

Photo Of The Week

March 18, 2011

Introducing… My Lemonade Stand!

March 15, 2011

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new way for you to get involved in raising awareness and support for the La Limonada community of Guatemala City… it’s called “My Lemonade Stand”! To help you raise awareness and support among your family members, friends and co-workers, we will provide you with your own personal or group […]

For many children in Guatemala, lessons have to be learned on the street

March 14, 2011

Jessica Shepherd The Guardian, Tuesday March 8, 2011 Bearing more than a kilo of mangos, oranges and apples on his shoulders, 13-year-old José slips through the queue and jumps on the bus. Here, he walks along the aisle offering his goods for sale. But in an instant, he’s back down on the road and on […]

Guatemalan First Lady To Try Presidential Bid

March 14, 2011

The Associated Press Tuesday, March 8, 2011; 2:51 PM GUATEMALA CITY — Guatemala’s first lady says she will enter the race to succeed her husband, President Alvaro Colom. Sandra Torres de Colom confirms that she will be the candidate for the ruling National Unity for Hope party in elections this September. Tuesday’s announcement was widely […]

Lifechurch & Illuminate International

March 13, 2011

This past week, old and new friends from Lifechurch in Allentown, PA and Illuminate International from Los Angeles, CA invested a week with us in Guatemala. Lifechurch Lifechurch is where I had the privilege of serving as an associate pastor from 1994-2005. So many great relationships were built through those years, and it is such […]

Support Team Members – Monik & Wade Edwards

March 12, 2011

We got to know Monica (“Monik”, “Moni”) on our first trip to Guatemala in the summer of 2004, and she has been a dear friend ever since. Just a couple weeks ago, she married Wade Edwards, whom she met when he was in Guatemala to serve last year. It has been great to see God’s […]

We Need The People Of La Limonada

March 8, 2011

Just before going to Guatemala last week, I had the privilege of attending the Ecclesia Network National Gathering in the Washington, DC area at the invitation of my friend, and Lemonade International board member, Todd Hiestand. I didn’t have too much time to process all the great things that were shared at the conference before […]

Photo of the Week

March 4, 2011

Kerry Smith – Teaching English and Having a Blast!

March 3, 2011

Today I had the opportunity to sit in on Kerry’s English class with the 6-7 year olds at Escuelita Limón. She is doing an amazing job and having a blast at the same time. Check this out as she and her students learn body parts in English while doing the “Hokey Pokey”…

The Ones You Have Abandoned

March 2, 2011

I know someone who is a psychologist, who has worked a long time with gang members in prisons, so he has some experience in what I am about to tell you. He gave me some information that made me my blood run faster, wanting other Guatemalans to listen to what I was listening to. This person told me: “The time and money you invest to restore one gang member – would be the resources to help 30 or 35 children and prevent them fro […]

Online Store Officially Open

March 1, 2011

The Lemonade International Online store is officially open. T-shirts only available today. Coffee, purses, pens, buttons and stickers coming soon. Click the “STORE” link at the top of the page to buy one of our awesome new t-shirts today!

Guatemala In The News: Embezzlement Trial Of Former President Of Guatemala

February 28, 2011

Alfonso Portillo served as President of Guatemala from 2000 to 2004. In January of 2010 he was captured and arrested on charges of embezzlement. He is also wanted in the US for allegedly embezzling foreign donations for education projects. But under Guatemalan law, he must be tried in his own country before he can be […]

Photo of the Week

February 25, 2011

If Only I Could Put Into Words…

February 22, 2011

If only I could put it into words My heart is broken, so broken A child has opened his heart about his sexual desires persistent, severe and extreme in some senses In the incredible conversation, so honest from his side So much crying because I couldn’t bear it anymore, and I don’t know what to do anymore. […]

Sam Dedicates His Birthday To The Children Of La Limonada…. Again!

February 21, 2011

Last year, Sam, an 11-yr old boy from the Cincinnati, OH area, dedicated his birthday to support the children of La Limonada. He asked his friends to make donations to Lemonade International instead of giving him gifts. For his 11th birthday, he and his friends raised $360! Sam’s sister, Olivia was also inspired to raise […]

Photo of the Week

February 18, 2011

Update From Kerry Smith

February 11, 2011

Kerry is one of our incredible team members serving full-time in La Limonada. She blogs at ¿Dónde están mis pantalones?. Here is a recent post from her blog. Enjoy! I wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone of what’s happening here in Guatemala. Our new Lemonade House (located just 5 houses away from our […]

Sponsor “Mi Casita” For A Day

February 9, 2011

“Mi Casita” is the new Safe Home for orphaned, abandoned, abused and neglected children from La Limonada. Currently, we are serving 11 children and one special needs young adult by providing them with unconditional love, healthy nutrition, and a nurturing support structure from house parents. To provide quality care that includes housing, a dedicated staff […]

New Team Member In Guatemala – Sara Keegstra

February 5, 2011

Our team in Guatemala and here in the US is excited that Sara Keegstra will be serving with us in La Limonada. Sara served in La Limonada for six months last year, and she is now back in Guatemala full-time officially serving through Lemonade International – giving you the opportunity to support her work through […]

New Team Member In Guatemala – April Butler

February 5, 2011

We are excited to announce that April Butler will be serving with us in La Limonada. April has been serving in La Limonada since last year, but she is now officially serving through Lemonade International – which gives you the opportunity to support her work through tax-deductible donations to our organization. Her primary role will […]

Back To School

February 3, 2011

For most of us here in the United States, August or September is the time of year when our kids get back to school, but in Guatemala the school year is mid-January through October. This year at the schools in La Limonada, the staff took some extra time to prepare for the school year, and […]

A Time to Prepare

February 2, 2011

As part of preparation for the school year, this past week the teachers had a three-day training session with Nate and Myra Bacon. The Bacons have been working with InnerChange for several years and have an extensive backround in gang ministry, hospitality, and Biblical teaching. The whole team got together each morning of last week […]

Mi Casita Safe Home Logo

January 31, 2011

Thanks to the work of the wife of Tita’s nephew in Guatemala City, the Mi Casita Safe Home has a logo! The logo is symbolic of the children moving from the bitter lives to a life that is sweet like honey. We love the Scripture chosen as the them for the home: “Eat honey, my […]

Navidad En La Limonada Update

January 27, 2011

Leading up to this past Christmas through our Navidad En La Limonada campaign, you gave a total of over $30,000 to provide meals and school shoes for children and their families, scholarships for high school and university students from La Limonada an opportunity to receive a quality education in Guatemala City and bonuses for the […]

Global Connections: Exploring What’s Next

January 26, 2011

The following is from Eric Swanson, the Director of Global Connections Leadership Community with Leadership Network and can be very helpful to those who are passionate about living out the mission of Jesus in the world today: “We need a plan,” a pastor friend recently confided to me. “We’re hiring a missions consultant to help […]

Short-Term Groups For 2011

January 25, 2011

The calendar above is a resource we have included on our new Short-Term Groups page (just launched yesterday). It will help prospective short-term group leaders to determine available dates for groups to invest time with us in La Limonada. If you are interested in leading or being a part of a short-term group in 2011 […]

Balcony-type Christianity?

January 24, 2011

The following is from Lemonade Int’l board member, Todd Hiestand, and is re-posted from his blog: FIELD NOTES ON MISSIONAL LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNITY FORMATION: We just started a study of the book of Mark at The Well. We’ve been reading George Ladd’s A Theology of the New Testament and thought I would share this gem with you, […]

Open Positions in Guatemala

January 20, 2011

We are excited to announce open international worker/intern positions for 2011! Lemonade International believes strongly in the power of collaboration among a team of passionate individuals working together for a common cause, and we are seeking for passionate individuals to join our team to fulfill our mission of educating and empowering the people of La […]

Registration Day At The Schools!

January 19, 2011

At the schools in La Limonada, each year gets started with a lot of activity and excitement as parents, grandparents and guardians register the children for the new school year. Over the course of two days last week, registration took place at Escuelita Limon and Escuelita Mandarina. The days started with long lines outside the […]

Simple Things

January 18, 2011

Simple things. So very many simple things that the haves take for granted, while the have-nots go without. Simple things. Like ice cream and movies. Saturday afternoon we took the kids from Mi Casita to the movies. That was quite an experience. For a lot of them, even for an 11-year old, it was the […]

Who Are The Poor?

January 13, 2011

The following is reposted from Chris Marshall’s blog. Chris is a friend of Lemonade International who leads Ordinary Community – a collection of house churches in Cincinnati, Ohio that are seeking to live out an old faith in a new world. He also works and teaches at a local university and is pursuing his doctorate […]

Preparing for the New School Year

January 12, 2011

January marks the beginning of the school year in Guatemala. Before the classrooms are filled with students, registration, meetings, and training must take place. This week started an intensive process for the staff at both schools in preparation for the return of the children. As all the teachers and staff sat in the meeting room […]

More Than 2,000 Guatemalan Kids Died of Hunger Last Year

January 10, 2011

GUATEMALA CITY – More than 2,000 children under 5 died in Guatemala during the first 10 months of 2010 as a consequence of illnesses caused by malnutrition, according to a report presented Friday by the national ombud’s office. The report is based on statistics of the Epidemiology Center of the Public Health Ministry covering the […]

Josue Tavico: 10.17.06 – 12.19.10

January 5, 2011

The week before Christmas one of the children from Escuelita Mandarina passed away. Josue Tavico was in the hospital being treated for what was thought to be pneumonia. Further tests found a mass on his lung and Josue did not make it through the emergency surgery that ensued. Josue was four years old and was […]

Reflecting… and Looking Ahead

January 4, 2011

The past year has been filled with so much to celebrate as well as some pain, loss and grief. But through it all God is good and we look forward to continuing on this journey with Him as he leads Tita, the Guatemala team and those of us here in the US into this new […]

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