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PA Medical/Dental Team – A Week in La Limonada

The medical/dental group, led by our friend Nani, not only brought incredible gifts in what they provided for the children from their medical and dental expertise, but they brought so much love and joy to give away to this community. They treated approximately 80 children and their families each day, and also visited homes throughout the community delivering much needed food.

One of the men they treated on Monday waved them down in the street the next day, simply to relay the sentiments of, “thank you so much! I feel so much better now. God bless you.” They joked that they’ve never had that kind of “follow-up appointment” with a patient before.

Each day, the team’s lunch break was spent with the families in the community, loving on them and praying over them. I’ve heard a few of the team members mentioning they never imagined that they could receive so much from those who have so little.

Many people come to La Limonada to serve the people of the ghetto with their abilities and talents, but are taken aback by how blessed they are in return. The unselfish servitude of those who willingly come to La Limonada is returned tenfold in gratefulness and love.

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