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Opal House – And Update On Mercy & Blankita

“An Opal is stone with a ‘broken heart’. It owes its beauty to the many fissures that allow the light to come in and refract. The more brokenness, the more beauty. We saw the analogy with the cracks in people’s lives that if they are willing to allow the Light of Christ to enter into their lives the more beauty they will have. The more cracks, brokenness, and willingness to permit light, the more ‘fiery’ the follower of Christ.”
Mercy and her 10 month old daughter are spending a month living with our friends Will & Diane at their home called the “Opal House.” Since Mercy left her job and home at Mandarina a few months ago she has kept her friendship with us, but the deep sadness that once plagued her, you could see in her eyes again. Diane spent a week with us here visiting and working in La Limonada, and she invited Mercy to live with them for at least a month. Her and Blankita have been there for the last week; Mercy said she feels peace there.
Please keep Will, Diane, Mercy, and Blankita in your prayers!

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