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One Family’s Sacrifice – Making An Impact in La Limonada

This past spring, my wife, Cherie, and I were at an adoptive famlies picnic and Easter egg hunt with our daughter, Miyah. We spent some time talking to a lady Cherie had gotten to know from a play group. As we were talking, she said that she wanted to put us in touch with good friends of hers who lived in the Cincinnati area who had adopted a son from Guatemala.

Within a couple weeks we began email contact with Aaron and Megan Marshall. They let us know that they wanted to have a significant involvement in Guatemala as a way to give back to a country which had given them the gift of their son.

After a few weeks of email and phone conversations, I began working with Aaron to plan a Fourth of July holiday visit to Guatemala to visit the schools in La Limonada as well as other humanitarian work in and around the city.

During his time in La Limonada, Aaron visited both of the schools as well as the homes of some of the families in the community. He was so thankful for the opportunity to meet Tita and the teachers, and fascinated by the sacrifice of people like Leah, who have given their lives to serve the people there.

Following his visit to La Limonada, Aaron continued to be deeply impacted by what he saw. He and his wife wanted to take some time to discern what their personal involvement could be to help make a difference in the community.

I spoke with Aaron on Friday, and he let me know what his family decided to do. Their idea was inspired by a visiting priest at their church who had spent some time in a developing country and said that when the children were given just beans and rice it was considered a good meal. They were also inspired by Aaron seeing the children eating simple meals of beans and rice at the schools in La Limonada.

Periodically, their family is going to eat just beans and rice for a week. And they are going to donate the difference of what they saved on groceries for that week to the work of Lemonade International in La Limonada.

Aaron said that the hunger he feels and the simplicity of eating the same thing for days in a row helps he and his family to identify with the people of La Limonada.

Their sacrifice is inspiring. And they are making an impact in people’s lives. I love the fact that they took the initiative and came up with something meaningful on their own.

May their lives create a spark in others to dream and create ways to make a difference.

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