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One Day in La Limonada

As Tita walked through the streets and visited various homes in La Limonada one day last week, this is what she encountered…

A widow who has to bury her son.

An old man with no family who is in great need of medicine.

A widow with five children who has no money and no hope.

A sick and physically abused, drug addicted mother trying to care for her newborn baby.

A young woman who is working and wants to continue her education, but doesn’t have enough money for tuition.

A family who was so grateful for the delivery of a bag of food because they were hoping for a miracle.

A unemployed, elderly grandmother who is trying to rescue her grandson but has no money and no hope.

A child with diabetes whose family has no money for medicine and the proper food for her diet.

A mother with no money who has many questions for God after surviving 12 bullet wounds in a shooting.

In response to these encounters, Tita said. “Visits are very welcome. Hugs and love are awesome, and they are a great need. Prayer is amazing and makes the difference. But all of that along with meeting the physical and financial needs would make a huge difference!”

Photo credit: Scott Bennett

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