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Not Only Children… But Whole Families

About a year ago, Hilda began working with Tita and two of her three children, Daniel and Angel, began attending “La Escuelita”. At the time, Hilda’s husband, Miguel, was abusing drugs and alcohol and there were serious problems in their home and with the behavior of the children.

Not long after that, Hilda told Tita that her husband was ready for help and wanted to go to rehab. So through some connections Tita has, she paid for and helped him get admitted to a program. While in rehab, Miguel made a sincere decision to follow Jesus and truly believes that God has changed his life.

Now Miguel is out of rehab, has a solid job at a local market, and their family life has completely changed!

When talking with Tita, she said, “It is important that people know that we don’t just receive the child at La Escuelita, we receive the whole family”.

Just this past Sunday, both Daniel and Angel were sponsored, and their lives will continue to be changed by the families here in the States who will be praying for them, writing to them and donating to the school on their behalf.

Generosity like this has helped send a husband and father to rehab, brought a family together and has changed lives.

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