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New Project: Solar Light Bulbs Made of Plastic Soda Bottles

We’re excited about our new community development pilot project – installing solar lightbulbs made of recycled soda bottles in homes in La Limonada. The photo above is the first one which was just installed today. Our Community Development Director, Hubert Bendfeldt Vásquez, has been working on this for the past several weeks with the intention of helping people from the community start a small business installing the solar bulbs.

The bulbs are composed of nothing more than one-liter plastic bottles, water, and bleach.

This innovative technology was developed in Brazil more than a decade ago. It is installed through a sealed hole cut in corrugated tin roofs that are commonly found throughout the developing world. It produces light equivalent to a 60-watt bulb and can be installed in less than an hour. The bulbs provide a surprising amount of light simply by diffracting sunlight through the water and spreading throughout the house instead of focusing on one point. The bleach keeps the water clear and microbe-free.

The project holds much promise for the La Limonada community. It will help to provide an extremely low-cost alternative solution to electricity, providing light for families to cook and clean and for children to do homework. It also has the potential of re-purposing thousands of soda bottles.

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