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New Addition To Our Board Of Directors: Rebecca Caswell

It is an honor for us to announce a new addition to the Lemonade International Board of Directors, Rebecca Caswell.

Rebecca was raised in Florida and extreme south Georgia in a large family. She decided to head north for college in Spartanburg, South Carolina where she met her husband, RJ, and graudated with a degree in Special Education from Converse College. After marrying in 1998, they took a tour of the southeast while Rebecca taught children of all ages with special needs preferring to only live in towns beginning with “Ch”, Charleston, Chattanooga and now Charlotte, NC.

Rebecca and RJ are the parents of four children all adopted internationally. Gannon (7) and Ruthie (6) were born in Guatemala and their five year old twin sons, Andrew and Peter were born in Ghana. After bringing Gannon home from Guatemala in 2004 Rebecca has been a stay-at-home mom. While at home her passion for advocating for children in need has continued to deepen.

The Caswells became connected to Lemonade International when searching for a small relational Christian ministry in Guatemala. They began sponsoring a student at Escuelita Mandarina and with each passing month Rebecca became more impassioned by the work of Lemonade International. In her quest to do and give more to Lemonade, Rebecca ran a half marathon to raise funds to support Mi Casita Safe Home in December 2011. She continues to feel closest to God and has a deeper understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ when being an advocate for those she feels have been forgotten.

Rebecca began her tenure as a board member on February 15, 2012. We are thrilled that she has agreed to serve in this capacity. We believe her heart for God and for the people of Guatemala, along with her passion, knowledge, expertise and vision will serve us well. Please join us in welcoming her to the Lemonade International community as she serves in this way.

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