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“Nathy’s” mom is in jail. She used to have a very rough life. And Nathy was just one more mouth to feed. One more child to take care of. He was moved from house to house to live with various relatives.

When his mom was arrested and taken to jail about three months ago there was no one to care for him. He was staying with his older sister who has her own children, but she couldn’t care for nor provide for him.

Tita and her extended “family” (a house of eight already) prayed together about taking him into their home and caring for him… knowing it could be a long-term commitment. Nathy has been part of the family since.

He is a lively little four-year-old boy who is a faithful friend. He loves to color, to do puzzles and to ride his bike. He is quick to help others. But there is so much that needs to be healed in his heart and mind.

Last Wednesday, Tita and Kate went to visit Nathy’s mom in prison. Tita called it a “holy moment”. When she saw Tita she hugged her very tightly and cried in her arms. Tita said, “I felt Jesus in my arms and just tangibly saw the Scripture from Hebrews 10:34 (“You suffered along with those in prison…”).”

A mother’s love never ends and Nathy’s mother’s love has only grown as a result of the distance between her and her son. She has so much pain in her heart, but so much relief to know her little one is safe. She asked Tita if she could come and live with her when she gets out of jail because she does not want to return to her life in La Limonada. She wants a better life for Nathy.

During their visit, Nathy’s mom also introduced Kate and Tita to two other inmates who have become her friends in prison. They are 24 and 21 and have been in prison for two years and are both serving a 38 year sentence. They both have children with them in prison, but those children are allowed to be with them in jail until they turn four years old.

One of them was crying because she has no place for her son to go when he turns four. He will most likely be turned over to the foster care system which is very corrupt in Guatemala. Tita offered to care for him… and she began sobbing.

Following their visit to the prison, Kate said, “I’m not sure what I thought these women were supposed to look like or were supposed to be, but they aren’t any different that I am. They have hopes and dreams and hurts and fears just like me. Throughout our conversation, all three women cried on and off. Sitting there I was struck by how much God loves them and that His grace really is enough. It doesn’t matter how big the crime or how big the sin, Jesus died for it on the cross and God’s grace is enough to cover it. Whatever these women did, God loves them more than they could ever know.”

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