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Much More Than A Carpentry Workshop

It has only been a few weeks since the Carpentry Workshop officially began at Escuelita Mandarina in La Limonada, but so much has already happened in that short amount of time.

Rather than starting out their training with simple measuring and learning to use tools in the confines of the workshop at Mandarina, they went right to work building a house the first couple weeks.

The nine “muchachos” (boys) who have been a part of the program are receiving so much more than training in carpentry skills…

  • Two of the interns are providing them with English classes
  • They are working out and playing soccer together with the leaders
  • They are being showered with God’s love every day and studying the Bible
  • They are asking for forgiveness for their sins and asking for prayer for the strength to do better
  • They are asking questions and they love Shorty’s preaching
  • They are having breakfast and lunch together with the leaders each weekday and building relationships with them

Learning a trade is vital for these boys. It may provide the only means for them to earn an honest living and may be their only way out of a cycle of poverty, violence and drugs.

But they are learning so much more than a trade. They are learning that God loves them unconditionally. They are learning that there are people who love them. They are learning that people genuinely want to help them and walk with them through life.

And all of this together is making a huge difference in their lives.

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