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Micro-Enterprise Recognition Program

With support received as a result of a fundraiser led by students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, we have been able to start a recognition program for our micro-enterprise clients. Our goal is to recognize and reward clients at the end of every loan cycle. To qualify, a client has to make all payments on time, attend all training sessions, run their business with diligence, apply principles they have learned from the training and exceed the minimum required savings amount for a particular loan cycle.

Last week, we recognized our first member, Perfecta Hernandez, for her punctuality in payments and commitment to being present at the educational sessions. If you would like to know more about our Micro-Enterprise program and how you can get involved, please feel free to contact me.

-Samuel Brizuela
Micro-Enterprise Program Director

Pictured above: Nestor Sicaja (Loan Officer) and Perfecta Hernandez

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