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Meet Priscila

Meet Priscila. Growing up in La Limonada, she and her siblings dreamed of leaving, of going to a better place, of having a job, of a better life. Priscila’s parents told their children that they couldn’t give them riches, but that they should strive for a better life, outside the ghetto. Education was a high priority, and their parents worked very hard to ensure that their kids would have a chance at a better life through knowledge.

Priscila eventually went on to university, studying psychology. At a time Tita was looking for a tutor for her youngest son, Priscila began to serve in that capacity. Several months later, Tita asked Priscila to come to serve as a teacher for the little ones, since the second school had just been established. Without hesitation, Priscila agreed. The following year, Priscila finished her classes at university and began working as a psychologist full-time at Mandarina. Her work now includes one-on-one counseling with the children who live at the Mi Casita Safe Home.

“The reason that I am in La Limonada is because I firmly believe that God brought me back- to give courage and to teach the children. Even though everything there is so hard and most of the time it’s so ugly that we didn’t want to be there – we work harder to provide them with a different life,” says Priscila.

The importance of her work cannot be underestimated. Many of these children are dealing with hellish situations on a daily basis, most of them are dealing with anger and sadness and hopelessness as a result of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and abandonment. Priscila’s work would be impossible without the support of people like you.

The teachers and staff members at the schools in La Limonada currently make an average of $8 a day. We are working hard to increase their salaries to reflect a fair wage. Through the generosity of so many this Christmas season, all of the teachers – including Priscila – received bonuses for their hard work and dedication to serve God and the children of La Limonada.

We are grateful for donations totaling $9,500 to provide each of the teachers and staff members in Guatemala with a Christmas bonus. Thank you for your generosity!

For more information on other Christmas gifts you can provide for children in La Limonada visit our “Navidad En La Limonada” page. As always, gifts of any amount will help significantly.

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