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Meet Myra- Scholarships for Students

Meet Myra. Her father died on Christmas day when she was only 12 years old. At age 13, her mother, stricken with grief, decided to move to the United States, leaving her children behind. After moving in with her brother, she found herself alone at 14 when he was killed.

For Myra, receiving a scholarship to continue her education was everything. Without it, she would have had to find work in order to pay for school, which would have been extremely difficult. For her, being able to study meant being able to eventually have a career in which she could return what she was given: help. The scholarship was a hand up for her, not a hand out. It was an investment into her future.

Now, Myra is 18. She receives good grades in school and is looking to continue her studies at the university. She was given a chance to piece together her fragmented life through her education.

For just $100, you can provide a student like Myra with a chance to improve their life. To give a secure online gift, please go to our Donation Page and choose the “Navidad En La Limonada” fund. In the comments box please explain how you would like your gift to be applied.

For more information on other Christmas gifts you can provide for children and teachers in La Limonada visit our “Navidad En La Limonada” page. As always, gifts of any amount will help significantly.

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